Most in-demand cyber security jobs 2017 | How much should UK cyber security pros earn in 2017?

The average cyber security salary has risen by 15 percent in five years says Tech Partnership


More than ever, cyber security is a top priority for most businesses, with roles such as security architect and security analysts becoming common positions in many organisations, across a broad range of sectors.

Now 58,000 people work in cyber security related roles in the UK, according to Tech Partnership's recent cyber security factsheet, a 160 percent rise since 2011.

The data, drawn from IT Jobs Watch and the Office of National Statistics puts information security, firewalls and network security at the top of the list for sought after skills. Meanwhile Cisco, Windows, Linux and Checkpoint have been noted as attractive 'tools' needed in cyber security job roles.

But what roles are the most in-demand? What cyber security job pays the most? Read on to find out which cyber security jobs are most in demand in the UK in 2017.

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