How to set up an apprenticeship scheme

Apprenticeships offer a much-needed talent injection for many businesses - here's how to set one up for your business


Apprenticeships offer a great alternative to university, for the right person. They can provide invaluable training and enable school leavers to earn while they learn. 

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From a business perspective, apprenticeships are just as valuable. Seen as the solution to the skills gap, more and more businesses are using apprenticeships to bring in needed skills and yield new perspectives to their internal workings.

It's not all been smooth sailing: since April 2017 businesses in England that have an annual pay bill of £3 million or above must pay the apprenticeship levy.

This levy - which is collected monthly - is 0.5 percent of an organisation's annual pay bill. And while the levy will only affect businesses with an annual pay bill of £3 million or more, the worry is that fewer businesses will offer apprenticeships as a result. 

However, if you're reading this, then you've probably decided that an apprenticeship programme is for you. To help make the process of setting up a scheme easier, Computerworld UK spoke with Ruth South, Capgemini's Head of Graduate & Apprentice Programmes for her top tips.

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