Devops training courses for UK IT professionals

Useful devops training courses and resources for differing skill levels


'Devops' has evolved from buzzy business jargon into a prominent ideology of workplace culture.

The compound phrase mashes together 'development' and 'operations', and this is roughly what the ideology promotes: the breaking down of boundaries between different departments and increased flow of information and data across the organisation.

This is intended to strengthen connections between employees and facilitate faster and more streamlined practices surrounding the development and launch of new applications and other technologies.

Many large organisations have endorsed this approach and claim that it has significantly reduced the time necessary to release applications. For this reason, Devops is now also sometimes referred to as 'Agile' working practices. Understandably, more businesses are taking note.

For a more detailed definition of the term read: What is devops?

For developers and other IT professionals, it’s essential to stay abreast of what devops means for work practices and keep your skill set and knowledge up to date. Several important software tools for devops include Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and Amazon Web Services, among others.

Computerworld UK has compiled a list of training courses and resources to cater to all levels - for those just starting their career in devops to seasoned IT professionals looking to stay relevant in the workforce.

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