Top data analytics courses

Interested in data analytics? We've listed some of the top courses you can apply for


Whether you're starting out or looking for a career change, it's easy feel the pull of disruptive and exciting technology career paths, like AI or machine learning. But the truth is, while data analysis might sound dry, the demand for workers with analytics skills has grown rapidly. 

In fact, research firm IDC predicts big data spending will reach $48.6 billion (£35.9 billion) in 2019 with large tech enterprises such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, EMC, HP and Dell continuing to invest in big data and large-scale data analytics.

Plus, with the average salary in the UK for a data analyst being £40,000 and growing 6.6% year on year, it's a pretty attractive career path. 

We've listed some UK courses you can apply for specialising in data, big data, and data science.

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