The benefits of Windows 10 Disk Management: tips for IT pros

Disk Management can add an extra layer of security and protect businesses against data loss


Microsoft has kept the same Disk Management tool in all of its Windows operating systems since Windows XP - so the Windows 10 tooling will be familiar to IT support. However, the learning curve remains relatively high.

Since XP, Windows 10 Disk Management has been the same across all versions of the operating system, however, the learning curve remains relatively high.

Seasoned IT professionals will often have to use Windows Disk Management when setting up standard and RAID drives (mirrored drives).

But for those starting out or hoping to brush up on their skills, we've got a few tips that could help you.

It should be noted, however, that Microsoft Disk Management should only be used by people that know what they are doing or are following detailed instructions, as you could accidentally delete important files - even Windows itself.

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