What’s new in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016? Linux, Stretch Database, enhanced security and more

Microsoft promises that its latest database platform will be faster and more secure


What's new in SQL Server 2016? Computerworld UK speaks to Microsoft about its latest database platform...

Update 02/06/16: SQL Server 2016 has now reached its general availability release date. This means that all customers will be able to access Enterprise, Standard, and Express editions of SQL Server. See here for more details on Microsoft's blog site.

And Microsoft took full opportunity to take another swipe at competitor Oracle, promising to support "faster performing, more secure than Oracle, and at less than one-tenth of the total cost of using Oracle to run the same transactional, data warehouse, data integration, business intelligence and advanced analytics workloads."

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The decision to bring SQL Server 2016 to Linux has grabbed headlines recently, but Microsoft has also announced a host of new capabilities to lure businesses to the latest version of its database platform. This includes improvements to security, advanced analytics running inside the transactional database and the ability to move data into the Azure cloud. 

Microsoft has also been intent on wooing customers from Oracle, offering free licences to Software Assurance customers.

Computerworld UK spoke to Microsoft’s Tiffany Wissner, senior director of Data Platform Marketing, about why businesses should be considering an upgrade to SQL Server 2016...

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