Best open source projects from tech company giants

Innovative tech companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are embracing open-source


Open source computing projects involve collaborative work with different members working on a common goal. Some of the most high-profile projects come from the Linux Foundation, a long-reigning open source ecosystem. 

However, in recent years, more companies have climbed on board the open source bandwagon, with tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google all crowdsourcing various open-source projects. 

Sometimes these take the form of businesses attempting to solve an internal problem, before offering up the solution to the wider community. Owning some of the biggest data centres in the world, these companies are forced to manage data on an unprecedented scale, requiring the development of pioneering techniques. 

But why share their intellectual property with the wider world? In return for offering others a glimpse of their internal workings, these internet firms gain access to a vibrant community of developers that can improve their own technology for free. For example, Facebook has claimed that its Open Compute Project has saved it $2 billion in data centre costs.

Here, we run through some of the most innovative and exciting open-source projects from tech giants. 

Additional reporting from Laurie Clarke