Linux vs Windows: What is the best operating system for business?

We examine the top things to consider for those in search of the right operating system for their business


Linux and Windows have dominated the web-hosting market for several years now, as the two operating systems are recognised as consensus preferences for business use.

While Windows has traditionally been the de facto OS for business, the open source Linux has slowly eaten away at that dominance since Linus Torvalds released it in 1991.

In fact, figures from NetMarketShare show that Windows holds 88 percent of the overall operating system market, with Linux recorded as holding only two percent of the market.

Although Microsoft claims that its release of Windows 10 has helped it consolidate this dominant position, the update has faced numerous amounts of negative feedback due to functionality and data privacy concerns.

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Despite this, both Linux and Windows have their own advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right operating system comes down to identifying what works best for your business.

Here, we examine some of the top features of Windows and Linux to help you decide.