Best open source CRM software

These are some of the best open source CRM software alternatives to Salesforce or Microsoft CRM


Salesforce and Microsoft were traditionally the most desired providers for customer relationship management (CRM) software. However, for businesses unwilling to take the plunge on the proprietary solutions - whether for financial reasons or otherwise - there is also a range open source CRM tools to choose from.

For the more cost-conscious organisations there are open source solutions for storing that all-important customer relationship data, and solutions that are far more configurable. The downside is proprietary software often comes with best-in-class features, including cutting edge capabilities such as those rooted in machine learning. The upside is you can save some money and not be at the mercy of major vendors who hold your all-important data.

So what are the open source CRM alternatives? Here are some of the best on the market.

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Additional reporting by Hannah Williams.