Best email provider for business 2019

Which email provider meets the needs of your business?


Most of our working lives our email client will have been dictated by the company we have joined, with little room to change.

However, for those of us going it alone and setting up independent businesses or those now managing the IT decisions, choosing or deciding to switch to a new email provider isn't something that can be decided on overnight. 

When you first start looking, you'll probably go straight for one of the big hitters including Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS). And while these are all great options, they're definitely not the only ones to choose from.

Here, we take a look at the both well-known and smaller but impressive email platforms. We also provide advice on hosted or self-hosted options.

Read on for our pick of the best on the market, including both web-based and traditional client email servers. For micro and small businesses, we've added some free options at the end. 

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