Best email marketing software 2019

Here are the top email marketing services


Email might seem old hat compared to the raft of shiny new social media marketing tools on offer, but the personal touch of gliding into someone's inbox means email marketing has survived - and even thrived - in today's all-digital world. 

It's a relatively inexpensive tool that can bring weighty returns - a 2018 survey by the Data and Marketing Association found that on average, email scores a 30 to one return on investment. No wonder then, that 95 percent of the organisations surveyed rated email marketing as 'important' or 'very important' to their organisation. 

However, with GDPR coming into force, the days of popping up in someone's inbox uninvited are over and with sophisticated spam filters on most mailboxes these days, it's important to up your game when it comes to e-marketing. 

To help you find the best email marketing software for your business we have put together a buying guide, as well as our top picks for 2019.

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