Best backup software 2018

The best backup software tools to prevent the loss of your important business files


The thought of losing our files is often pushed to the back of our minds. It's so easy to save things to our Desktop and quickly access them, that we forget to save our files somewhere other than our machines. And for businesses, this is a real problem. 

If work documents are lost, this is likely to be more than a massive inconvenience. It could mean months of work gone in one fell swoop, customer databases gone and data records lost with little hope of getting them back. 

A business should have a solid backup software in place. The purpose is to create exact copies of files, databases or even entire computer desktops in case of disaster.

It is always advised to have backup software installed on your PC, and any employee's PCs to prevent this.

There are various backup software tools available that will help in saving copies of important business files or photos you may have, which can be saved to a separate hard drive or directly to the cloud.

Here are a few of the best backup software options available to help you keep all your business data secure.

Additional reporting by Christina Mercer