Windows 10 alternatives: best free, open source operating systems

Sick of Windows 10? Try these free, open source alternatives


The Windows 10 update has faced consistently negative feedback, with consumer magazine, Which?  reporting in March 2018 that many users had complained about functionality problems after installing the Windows 10 update, including slow PCs or even outright failure. Of these customers, 46% had ended up paying someone to fix these problems, paying an average of £67 to sort the problem out.  

In light of this, other concerns about data privacy, it might be time to consider some alternatives to Microsoft’s operating systems. So why not opt for a free, open source Windows 10 alternative?

Switching to an open source OS could involve a learning curve, but the community, customisation and lack of cost should be enough to make up for it.

Read on for our favourite free, open source browsers. 

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