winMoji 1.1.0

Find and use Windows' hidden emojis



WinMoji is an open-source tool which makes it easier to find and use the built-in Windows emojis. "What emojis?", you're asking? Then maybe this is a program you need.

Install and run the program and it displays the full set of emojis in a single box. No need to mess around with on-screen keyboards, they're all immediately ready to use.

If you see an emoji you like, click it and it's copied to the clipboard.

Alternatively, just start typing a descriptive keyword and the emoji list updated with every character to show matches. Try "pig", "Santa", "car", "smile", and so on.

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Is winMoji really a better way to find and use emojis than the Windows on-screen keyboard? We're unsure, but it's simple and straightforward, and if you didn't realise Windows had standard emojis until now then it's an easy way to get started.

Specification: winMoji 1.1.0:

Windows 8,windows 10
Open Source
Ryan Chatterton
Date Added:
May 16, 2017

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