Windows 8 BluePoison 2.1

A tweaking tool for the developer preview of Windows 8



If you have jumped on the developer preview version of Windows 8 that have been made publically available you have no doubt been eagerly awaiting the release of not only the completed version of the operating system, but also tweaking tool that will enable you to customize and control the OS. This is where BluePoison could help, making it possible to make changes to not only Windows 8, but also Office 15.

From within the app you can download the very latest version of the Windows 8 Developer Preview as well as the preview version of Office 15. Once you have the operating system, office suite, or both installed, you can started to take advantage of the features provided by BluePoison.

The application enables you to unlock the ordinarily hidden Applications folder and enabling the classic Start menu. There is also the option of using a number of new themes and colour schemes as well as the ability to enable Windows 8’s snap feature on screen smaller than would normally be allowed.

At the moment, the options available in BluePoison are a little on the limited side, but it needs to be remembered that Windows 8 has not even been officially released yet. This is definitely an app to keep an eye on although at the moment it is more of a curiosity for the early adopter that an essential installation.

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An interesting tool for early adopters of Windows 8, but at the moment it’s not an essential tool.

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October 22, 2011

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