Windows 10 Color Control

Adjust Win10's start menu/ taskbar colors



Windows 10 Color Control is a tiny free portable tool which allows you to customise the color of the Start Menu and taskbar.

Windows 10 already provides a way to do this - right-click the desktop, select Personalise > Colors - but you're only able to choose from a small set of predefined colors, and the taskbar remains dark.

Windows 10 Color Control expands on this by allowing you to choose the exact shade you need.

To try out the program, make sure the "New auto-color accent algorithm" box is unchecked, choose a new accent color and click "Apply".

The program warns you that you may have to sign out and back in again to see any changes. This wasn't always necessary for us, but if nothing seems to be happening, give it a try.

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It doesn't do very much, but Windows 10 Color Control is an easy way to get a little more control over your preferred color scheme.

Specification: Windows 10 Color Control

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Date Added:
August 20, 2015

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