Weeny Free PDF Extractor 1.1

Extract images, text and fonts from PDF files



Weeny Free PDF Extractor is a free tool for extracting images, text and fonts from multiple PDF files.

The program interface is simple and straightforward. Click "Add PDFs" to select and import your target PDFs, choose an output folder, click "Extract Now!", and wait for the results.

A few limitations crop up if you want to go further. You can't drag and drop PDFs onto the program. You're not able to select every PDF in your import list by pressing Ctrl+A, perhaps if you want to delete them all. You can't even double-click a PDF file in the list to preview it, even though that's obviously useful and extremely easy to support.

There's no progress bar while Weeny Free PDF Extractor is working, either, no indication of which file it's processing right now. Click inside the program window while it's extracting, in fact, and you'll be told "Weeny Free PDF Extractor is not responding". There's no big problem, though, it's just busy, and if you wait it'll become usable again in time.

We found the results were generally good. The program produced a .TXT file for all our PDFs with any extracted text, as well as correctly extracting any embedded fonts and JPEG images. There were some oddities - a lot of zero-byte TIFFs and BMPs? - but we're not sure if they were due to issues with the program or our source documents, and on balance Weeny Free PDF Extractor still does enough to be useful.

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Weeny Free PDF Extractor could benefit from a few interface tweaks, and may have some BMP/ TIFF extraction issues. The program is very easy to use, though, and extracted our sample document text, fonts and JPEG images with no problem at all.

Specification: Weeny Free PDF Extractor 1.1:

Windows XP,Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server
Weeny Software
Date Added:
May 12, 2014

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