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Where's all your hard drive space gone? Here's how to find out



Some people think that a hard drive with hundreds of free gigabytes needs little in the way of management. There's no need, they say - you're not going to run out of space for a very long time.

While they have a point, the reality is that hard drive clutter has a very real effect on your PC, no matter how much space you've got free. The more files you have, the longer it takes to search your hard drive, to defragment it, and to scan for viruses, for instance. Even navigating around in Explorer takes longer as the program has more work to do.

It pays to keep a careful eye on where your hard drive space has gone, then, and TreeSize Free is just the tool to help. Right-click a folder in Explorer, click TreeSize Free, and the program will open and display a list of all your subfolders, sorted according to how much drive space they're consuming.

Trying this out on a test PC revealed that our Program Files folder has swallowed up some 30GB. So who's using that? You can zoom in on any folder by expanding it, just as in Explorer, and then TreeSize Free displays the space used by all the subfolders. Showing that, in this case, the biggest space hog was the Steam folder created by a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 installation, which had gobbled up more than 11GB of hard drive real estate.

If you're still using the largest applications on your system, then no problem - they can stay. Scan down the list, though, and you may find TreeSize Free has highlighted space-hogging programs, or folders you'd created long ago and forgotten about. In which case you can remove them, recover some space, and many PC operations will now be just that little bit faster.

TreeSize Free changes (see changelog for more info):

•TreeSize Free now allows forward and back navigation among the recently selected items.

•The extended filter mechanism now allows hiding empty folders from view.

•Folders and files that are compressed by the new compression methods of Windows 10 are now analyzed correctly by TreeSize Free.

•A new type of tooltip was introduced, which shows a preview of the content of the currently hovered-over element.

•The position of the treemap chart can now be switched to the bottom of the window. This increases the available space for details columns, with the treemap chart shown in parallel.

•TreeSize Free can now include a separate tile for the free space of a local drive in the treemap chart.

•The performance has been improved further when scanning a local drive or folder, or a remote location.

•Bugfix: Using the Windows Explorer's context menu for a mobile device to run TreeSize Free should now start the scan for the device as expected.

•Bugfix: Corrected the storing of the selected sorting. The sort direction should now be applied as intended.

•Bugfix: Several minor bug fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

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A simple and effective way to identify hard drive space resource hogs

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Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8
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Date Added:
November 24, 2017