Touch Mouse for iPhone 1.0

Use your iPhone as a mouse and keyboard for your PC or Mac



With the Touch Mouse Server software installed on your PC or Mac, coupled with Touch Mouse for iPhone, you can transform your mobile into a wireless trackpad and keyboard that can be used to control your computer.

This is a great option if you have connected your Mac or PC to your TV and would like to be able to control your computer from the sofa. The software works over a wireless network connection and offers support for multi-touch gestures.

The trackpad can be used to emulate a two or three buttoned mouse complete with two-finger scrolling. The on-screen keyboard provides another means of interacting with your computer from your phone, and anything you type is displayed on your iPhone's screen to make it easier to use.

Touch Mouse can be used in portrait or landscape mode and you can show and hide the keyboard with a quick button press. With easy setup and countless uses, this is a genuinely useful tool.

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Easy to configure and a joy to use, Touch Mouse make it simple to control your computer at a distance.

Specification: Touch Mouse for iPhone 1.0:

Logitech Inc
Date Added:
May 17, 2010

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