TeamViewer Pro HD for iPad 6.0.9218

Remotely access your Mac or PC from your iPad



The desktop version of TeamViewer provides a means of remotely accessing one Mac or PC from another, and the iPhone and iPad versions of the tool bring the same ability to owners of mobile Apple devices. The app can be used to offer remote support or simply access a machine you need to use when away from your desk.

A fully featured onscreen keyboard makes it easy to interact with a remote computer and multi-touch gestures can be used to mimic the actions of a scroll wheel left and right click and much more.

TeamViewer is incredibly simple to setup and works with firewalls without any problems. 256 AES encryption ensures that your remote sessions are kept secure and the screen resolution of the remote computer can be automatically adjusted to allow for better display.

All that you need to do to get started with TeamViewer is to install the software on your Mac or PC and you can then use the machine’s ID and password to establish a connection from your iPhone. The iPad version of the app take full advantage of the device’s larger display, making easier to work with a Windows or Mac desktop on the move.

TeamViewer for iPhone and TeamViewer HD for iPad are free for personal use and include all of the features of the Pro editions. TeamViewer Pro for iPhone and TeamViewer HD Pro for iPad are commercial versions of the same app.

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A flawless and highly configurable means of access your computer from your mobile device.

Specification: TeamViewer Pro HD for iPad 6.0.9218:

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January 27, 2011

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