Tabbles 3.1.25

Keep your files organised without the need to resort to using folders



When it comes to organising files, Windows users have become used to the idea of using hierarchical folders, and Windows 7 introduced the idea of libraries. Tabbles works very much like an extension of this method of file organisation, combining a tagging and virtual folder system into one handy utility.

You're able to tag almost anything: files, pictures, Outlook emails, Office documents, URLs, network files and more.

You can then search for and organise files using one or more tags, even if they're on a disconnected drive (the details are stored in a database). You won't lose your tags if a drive gets another drive letter when it's reconnected, and tags are also preserved if files are moved with Explorer, or sent/ received via email.

Explorer integration (icon overlays, context menus) help you manage all this locally. But the system is also very much about working with others. You're able to share tags with perhaps hundreds of other systems and users, synchronise with Dropbox/ Google Drive/ Dropbox/ more, define users and user groups (with permissions), import users from Active Directory, and more.

Version 3.1.25 (Changelog):

Major new feature: Tabbles now works on Windows 10. (Previous versions of Tabbles would make Explorer stop working on Windows 10.)

Major bugfix: in Explorer, any file operation (copy, move, rename) which requires elevated permissions would silenty fail.

Major crash fix: Tabbles would often randomly crash when retrieving the large icon for files.

Minor crash fixed, in the presence of file paths longer than 255 characters.

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A smart management system that helps you organise and find files, documents, URLs and more.

Specification: Tabbles 3.1.25:

Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,windows 10
Free, for personal-use only
Date Added:
October 6, 2015