Sysinternals Suite Installer 2011.9.1

"Install" the full set of Sysinternals tools so they're accessible from the Start menu



Sysinternals Suite Installer is a tiny tool which makes it easier to locate and launch the excellent Sysinternals tools.

If you've downloaded Sysinternals tools before then you'll know they're all portable, great for running from USB flash drives, not so great if you need to launch them from your regular PC. You'll have to open Explorer, browse to the right folder, try to remember the appropriate executable file name, and so on.

The Sysinternals Suite Installer avoids all that, though, by copying all the files to a new Program Files folder, then creating a Start menu group and shortcuts for each of the utilities. So now you can browse for them like any other app, or locate them quickly via the Search box: much simpler.

To use the installer, first download the full collection of tools in the Sysinternals Suite, and unzip its contents into a folder somewhere.

Next, download the Sysinternals Suite Installer into the same folder, and run it. You'll see the program working away for a few seconds as it creates the various shortcuts, and when it's done the new Start menu group (Start > All Programs > Sysinternals Suite) should appear, with links inside to all the main utilities.

This doesn't always work well. There's a folder for the command line tools, for instance, but if you launch one of these then it'll just open a command window which then closes almost immediately.

The Suite Installer does make it easier to launch the GUI-based tools, though, like Process Explorer and Process Monitor, so if you regularly use these on the same PC then you may want to give the program a try.

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A useful tool which simplifies the process of finding and launching Sysinternals GUI-based tools

Specification: Sysinternals Suite Installer 2011.9.1:

Windows XP,Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows Server
Domador Software
Date Added:
September 20, 2011

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