Swiss File Knife 1.9.0

The ultimate command line toolkit?



Swiss File Knife is a supercharged command line tool which crams around 100 functions into a single executable.

The program can search for files by content, or name. It's able to list the contents of directories, create or delete directory trees. And you get a lengthy list of text and file processing options: LF <> CRLF, tab <> space, hex <> binary, hex <> dec, insert string, replace string, sort string, split file, join file, more.

This would be useful in itself, but Swiss File Knife does a whole lot more. The program also includes commands to synchronise a folder tree, find duplicate files, cut video and binary files, create MD5 hashes, send UDP or HTTP requests, download HTTP files, even run instant FTP and HTTP servers.

Most of these commands deliver far more than you'd expect. The List command doesn't just list files in a directory tree, for example: it also supports a host of archive formats. And it's enormously flexible, with more than 35 switches, which can themselves be combined in many different ways, and have their output passed on to other Swiss File Knife commands.

There's also plenty of scripting support, with tools to get user input, run sequences of Swiss File Knife commands, run commands on every file in a folder, run commands in a loop, and more.

Perhaps most surprising of all, though, Swiss File Knife isn't too difficult to learn. There's a lot to explore, but the syntax of each command is relatively straightforward. When listing files, for example, there's no "-n -l -p" garbage: instead you'll use switches like -time, -hidden, -sort, -minsize, -maxsize and so on. You can probably guess what they do already. And if you can't, a truly excellent PowerShell-like local Help system explains all.

1.9.0 brings:

- add: windows: case insensitive search and file selection within the codepage of your windows system. depending on your codepage this allows to search german umlauts, french accents, cyrillic and greek characters case insensitive.
- add: sfk help nocase, about case insensitive search.
- add: sfk listcodes, list all characters that can be searched case insensitive with your Windows codepage.
- add: sfk help chars, about locale specific characters.
- add: general option -nocasemin to match only latin chars a-z case insensitive without any accents.
- add: windows: sfk wtoa and atow, convert UCS-2 wide character text to 8-bit Ansi codepage text and vice versa.
- add: sfk wtou and utow, convert UCS-2 wide character text to 8-bit UTF-8 text and vice versa.
- chg: windows: sfk chars output format changed, now showing both Ansi and OEM code, and character name where available, with a table header. use option -min for the old minimal format.
- fix: xex: option -case was ignored.
- fix: xtext, xfind: error -1 on output with files of 2 or 3 gbytes size.
- add: xfind, xtext: now shows an improved progress indicator by default. use -quiet for old behaviour.
- add: sfk make-zero-file, create a file full of zero bytes to clean unused space on a filesystem.
- add: sfk status: new field layout=n to change SFKTray layout to 2, 4 or 9 slots display. requires SFKTray 1.0.2.
- add: windows: sfk prompt now converts input from dos to ansi codepage by default.
- add: windows: sfk script option -dos to load DOS/OEM codepage encoded script files.
- fix: windows: delayed terminal after filtering of text content with special characters.
- add: sfk strings: option -allchars to extract all printable chars from binary files.
- add: snapto: option -binallchars to extract all printable chars from binary files.
- add: sysinfo: display of SFK_CONFIG variable.
- add: xtext: display of written file with -to outdir\$file.
- fix: xtext: error message with -to outdir\$file as long as in simulation, without text output.
- chg: option -nocconv can now be used locally per command.
- dep: option -iso is deprecated/ignored.
- dep: option -umlauts is deprecated/ignored.

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An amazing collection of powerful command line tools. Use some individually, string others together in scripts, it's your call. If you make even occasional use of the command line, then go grab a copy of Swiss File Knife right now.

Specification: Swiss File Knife 1.9.0:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,Mac OS X,Linux
Open Source
StahlWorks Technologies
Date Added:
March 2, 2018