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Adding links to the Start menu is something that everyone that has ever used Windows has done. With the release of Windows 8, things have changed slightly, with the Start Screen functioning in a somewhat different way. Start Screen Pinner is a free tool from the tweaking team at WinAero that can be used to pin any file, folder, library and a variety of special items to the Start Screen for easier access.

This is a very simple tool with an interface that is divided up in your four sections. When you want to add a link to a file, folder or library to the Start Screen, all you need to do is to click the relevant button, select the item in question and you’re done. But things get far more interesting when you select the option to add a ‘Special Item’.

This enables you to add Start Screen links to almost any aspect of your computer that you care to mention. This includes the Control Panel, individual components of the Control Panel, the Run command and much, much more. As well as using the program interface to choose what you would like to add to the Start Screen, you can also drag and drop shortcuts and objects onto the program window to add them in an instant.

The new Start Scree is something that anyone making the switch to Windows 8 is going to have to take time to get used to. This is a handy utility that makes it easier to add links to the files, folders and other items that you use most frequently. The fact that it is a portable app means that there is no need to install it, and you can pop it on a USB drive to use on multiple computers.

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A very handy tool for anyone looking to customize their Windows 8 Start Screen.

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Windows 8
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October 19, 2012

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