Start Menu 8 v1.6.0.206

Bring the Start Menu back to Windows 8



IObit Start Menu 8 is a versatile free tool which will tweak the Windows 8 interface to make it more like Windows 7.

After installation your system will by default boot straight to the desktop, for instance - you won't even get a hint of the Start Screen.

On arrival you'll notice a start orb in the bottom left-hand corner of the taskbar. Click this and a very close copy of the Start Menu appears, with links to your programs, system applets such as Control Panel, and the old power-down dialog.

And StartMenu8 also disables the Windows 8 "hot corners", perhaps useful if you find yourself occasionally activating them accidentally.

If you don't like any of this, though, just right-click the start orb, choose "Settings", and you'll find a wide range of options to help you configure the program more to your liking.

In a click or two you could restore the hot corners, for instance, or have your system boot to the Metro Start Screen. You're able to change the start orb to a variety of options. You can customise the Start Menu to include a host of links and applets, and there are plenty of other useful tweaks hidden away.

IObit Start Menu 8 provides a lot of configurability, then, certainly for a free tool, and if you're missing the Start menu or otherwise annoyed by Windows 8 interface changes then the program may be able to help.

Note that we've updated this download due to a minor name change.

IObit Start Menu 8 v1.6 brings these changes:

+ Enhanced the stability of the program 
+ Added Catalan and Ukrainian languages 
+ Fixed general bugs

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A capable, configurable and free Start menu replacement

Specification: Start Menu 8 v1.6.0.206:

Windows 8
Date Added:
September 26, 2014

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