SnapInstall 1.2

Save screen captures simply by middle-clicking your mouse



SnapInstall is a handy portable tool which makes it easy to take a series of screen grabs and assemble them into a document, ideal if (for example) you want to show someone else the sequence of actions you're taking before a particular problem occurs.

Launch the program and you'll be prompted for some information. Optionally enter a title for the document, your name, and a destination folder where you'd like your grabs to be stored.

Click Start, then begin whatever actions you'd like to record. Click Start, take the first action (click File > Open, say), click the middle mouse button and SnapInstall will save a PNG file of the current active window (not the full screen, so make sure you're working in the window you'd like to capture).

Now click some other control or toolbar button, middle-click the mouse and another image will be saved. Repeat the process until you've documented whatever procedure you've been following.

When you're done, look in the grabs folder and you'll find all your images, ready to be pasted into an email message, a Word document, or whatever else you might want to do.

Or, if you right-click the SnapInstall system tray icon and select "Create PDF and Exit" then the program will assemble your grabs into a PDF file. It'll add its default logo (though you can replace this with your own graphic in the opening screen, if you like), as well as noting which control you clicked on each grab, where possible.

This is probably a step too far for most people. In our tests it didn't detect what we'd clicked that often; even when it did the text rarely meant very much; and any final report would need more text, at least a title page.

So ideally we'd have preferred the author to have resolved some other irritations before adding the reporting functionality. Like the way the program doesn't remember your title information, for instance (you have to reenter it every time), and can't grab the entire screen, only the active window.

Still, once you understand its limitations SnapInstall can be a simple and effective screen capture tool, which makes it easy to take a large number of grabs without the usual copy, paste, File > Save hassles.

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It's a little short on the usual capture features, but if you just need a way to take a lengthy series of screen grabs with the minimum of hassle then SnapInstall could be an ideal solution

Specification: SnapInstall 1.2:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Date Added:
September 30, 2011

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