SaneDesk 1.0.5

Use your Mac more effectively by making use of multiple desktops



OS X enables you to group together running applications and documents that are related by taking advantage of the Spaces feature, and while this is useful, it is also slightly limited. SaneDesk enables you to overcome some of these limitations by providing you with multiple desktops that you can work with.

The application allows you to create an unlimited number of desktop workspaces that can be used in whatever way you see fit. Each desktop is open to customisation to help make it easier to distinguish between workspaces.

Every desktop you create can be assigned a different background image, use different icons and even have different dock settings in place. Each desktop can be assigned a name to make them easier to identify and access from the quick menu.

The ability to keep related files and applications grouped together can help to dramatically improve productivity and the way in which SaneDesk works helps to reduce the frustration that can arise from trying to hunt for a particular open window.

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SaneDesk is not designed to replace Spaces, but to accompany the feature - and it does its job very well.

Specification: SaneDesk 1.0.5:

Mac OS X
Trial Software
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December 14, 2010

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