Sandboxie 5.26

Run software in an isolated environment to prevent it from making changes to your system



It is right to exercise a degree of caution when using a computer. An unexpected program crashing can not only lead to losing the document that was open in that program, but there is also the risk that the crash will bring down Windows completely, along with any other applications that may be running at the same time. Browsing the internet can be fraught with problems, with drive-by downloads threatening to infect your computer with unknown malware. Protection for some of these problems is available in the form of antivirus and anti-malware products, but another option is to make use of Sandboxie.

This innovative program makes it possible to run applications in complete isolation from the rest of your system - in a sandbox. This means that any problems that may crop up in an isolated piece of software do not spread to other areas of your system; this help to protect against full system crashes, and also the spread of malware. Sandboxie can also be used to run web browser sessions in isolation so that any malicious web sites that may be encountered are not able to cause any damage outside the sandbox.

If you spend a lot of time installing and uninstalling software to try it out, consider using Sandboxie to install programs into a sandbox to prevent your system from being slowed down by clutter. This is a unique program which makes it easy to avoid unwanted changes to your system and helps to keep Windows running smoothly.

The new Sandboxie 5.26 ships with a number of improvements, including:

Open paths no longer write any files into sandbox [] .

Fixed Win 8.1 x86 issue "SBIE2331 Service start failed: [22/5] Access is denied."triggered if KB4093114 was installed. [] .

Fixed "SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process Start.exe [11 / 87]" tiggered after creating a new Sandbox and launching applications right away.

Fixed crashes (and lack of functionality) of start command lines options [] .

Fixed Internet Explorer crash SBIE2303 Could not hook CryptClassErrorHandler (4) SBIE2224 Sandboxed program has crashed: iexplore.exe [DefaultBox] [] .

Fixed Registry Hive issues introduced in Windows 10 FR (Insider) "SBIE1241 Cannot mount registry hive: [C000003A / 22] SBIE2314 Canceling process Start.exe" when changing container folder to different drives [] .

Fixed Firefox sandbox content level 2+ issues related to audio, video, printing and crashes [ &] .

Fixed Firefox "SBIE2205 Service not Available: CreateDesktop" [] .

Fixed crashes related to browse for folder dialogs [] .

Added compatibility for Opera v54 /dev + -no-sandbox flag. [] .

Fixed crashes related to the latest versions of Chromium, affecting apps such as Chrome Canary v59 [] .

Improved compatibility for Firefox "Allow direct access to Firefox passwords" [] .

Fixed BSODs and hangs related to Windows 10 Insider v17666 (This is the latest FR version supported in this build) [] .

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A unique approach to system protection which takes a little getting used to but works very well.

Specification: Sandboxie 5.26:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,windows 10
Ronen Tzur
Date Added:
July 13, 2018

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