RT Seven Lite 1.0.7

Create a faster, more lightweight Windows 7 that's customised for your needs



RT Seven Lite is a clever tool that allows you to build your very own custom version of Windows 7.

You'll first need a Windows 7 installation DVD. The program will then copy the setup files to your hard drive, for manipulation later.

It's then easy to add additional files to your installation. These could be Microsoft security updates, for instance, drivers, third-party applications (as long as they've silent installers), even music or video files.

You can also tweak Windows default settings. Are you tired of changing Explorer to "Show hidden files and folders" every time you start with a fresh Windows install, for instance? RT Seven Lite can enable this setting by default, along with any other favourite Registry tweak that you might apply. And so your custom Windows installation will work just as you'd like from the very beginning.

If you're looking for speed then you can use the programs Features Removal tab to strip out any Windows component that you don't need. Unnecessary services, system components, Control Panel applets, RT Seven Lite can remove them all, freeing up hard drive space and valuable system resources.

It's also possible to configure your setup for unattended installation. Just build in details like the computer name you'd like to use, and Windows 7 will apply these automatically, without hassling you with prompts at install time.

And when you're finished, RT Seven Lite can build your custom Windows 7 to an ISO file, burn it to DVD, or even create a bootable USB flash device for the maximum installation convenience.

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RT Seven Lite has a less than intuitive interface and the help isn't as useful as we'd like, but this is still a powerful Windows 7 customisation tool. It's strictly for experts, though - if you don't know exactly what you're doing then the tweaks you make here could cause you considerable difficulties

Specification: RT Seven Lite 1.0.7:

Windows 7 (32 bit)
Rockers Team
Date Added:
June 6, 2010

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