Remount 1.3.2

Change Windows drive letters easily with this command-line tool



Remount is a tiny portable command-line tool which makes it easy to change the letter for a particular Windows drive.

This may be useful if, say, you've connected a USB drive and it doesn't have the drive letter it normally gets, so a backup routine (or some other operation) no longer works. Fixing this via the normal Windows 7 route might require you to launch the Computer Management applet, then click Disk Management, right-click the drive, select Change Drive Letter and Paths, click the Volume, click Change... And so on. It takes a while.

With Remount, though, you can simply enter something like:

remount k: m:

and, in this case, it'll change drive K: to M: for you.

At least, it'll do this if Windows allows it. If the drive is in use for some reason then it won't, which is actually a good thing (this means you can't switch your system drive to some other drive letter by accident).

If you know what you're doing, though, there are command line switches to, say, swap drive letters which are both in use, or force through whatever drive switch you like (including remounting the system drive). These are best avoided, though, as the results can be very unpredictable.

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An easy-to-use tool for switching drive letters from the command line, which is a capability Windows really should have already

Specification: Remount 1.3.2:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Uwe Sieber
Date Added:
November 23, 2011

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