Quick Access Popup 8.7

Get speedy access to frequently-used folders



Quick Access Popup (a new and improved version of the old Folders Popup) is a well-designed tool which makes it easier to access your most frequently-used folders and applications.

Once the program is running, middle-clicking the mouse or pressing Win+W inside an Explorer window (which can include Open/ Save dialogs) opens a menu with various shortcuts.

Common folders like your user profile, Windows or Program Files are a click away. You can reopen recently-closed folders, browse your favourites, or maybe add the current folder or some important applications to the list for speedy reopening later.

This works at the command line, too. No need to manually type lengthy paths any more, and then realise you've forgotten to use quotes: just middle-click, select a folder and Quick Access Popup enters the necessary CD command for you.

There are plenty of configuration options. Remove some or all of the default folders, and new ones, tweak some or all of the hotkeys, it's up to you.

Quick Access Popup extends the package with FTP support, automatically logging in to FTP sites with Explorer, Directory Opus or Total Commander.

Smarter group and favourite support means you're now able to open multiple favorite folders with a single click.

A new Add/ Edit Favorites dialog provides a host of advanced settings, including the ability to display the folder with a given size and position.

Individual folders and even submenus may now be opened with a hotkey.

If you've been using Folders Popup, an Import option grabs your existing favorites to help you get started right away.

Version: 8.7
- new QAP feature "Repeat Last Actions" displaying a submenu with the last 10 items selected in the popup menu
- adding a new submenu "Repeat Last Actions" to the "My QAP Essentials" menu for new installation only (* existing users must add it themselves *)
- when an item is selected from the "Repeat Last Actions" menu, it is moved to the top of the menu
- new option in "Options", "Menu" tab, to select the number of items in "Repeat Last Actions" menu (default 10)
- new QAP feature "Repeat Last Action" (singular) to repeat the last item selected in the popup menu (* users must add it themselves to their menu *)

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A good-looking, easy-to-use folder and application launcher.

Specification: Quick Access Popup 8.7:

Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,windows 10
Quick Access Popup
Date Added:
December 8, 2017