Paragon Partition Manager Free 2010 [64-bit]

Use this simple, but fully-featured drive partitioning software to add, resize or delete partitions from your computer or external drive



There are various ways of upgrading your computer. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a new machine, there are cheaper options. If you only have 1GB of system memory, considering doubling this to 2GB. If you have a small hard drive, why not purchase a larger drive? The new drive is almost certain to be faster and more efficient than the old hard drive, primarily as they have a limited life span.

Problem is that new hard drives either ship pre-configured with multiple partitions, with the manufacturer thinking they know how you need your drive, or with no partition at all. Once you format your drive, you need to configure it for your computer. A partition for Windows is a cert and another for your data is likely. You might want a partition for your media.

Formatting a drive is easy in Windows, partitioning is more difficult. If you just want to create a simply partition or re-size existing partitions, you may not require expensive professional-level partitioning software, so the brand new Paragon Partition Manager Free 2010. This free software is designed for home users who just want to create or re-size existing partitions.

Paragon Partition Manager Free doesn’t contain much more functionality, although it does ship with recovery disc builder, so you can fix your machine if you experience problems partitioning a drive.

If you want to do more than create a new partition or resize existing partitions, you’ll need to step up to Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal, which will delete or copy partitions, migrate drive contents to a new drive, perform a simple drive backup, enable you to create a multi-boot system (for multiple OS use) and much more. You can upgrade within Express for only $39.95.

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Free partitioning management software that will enable you to either create a brand new partition or resize existing drive partitions

Specification: Paragon Partition Manager Free 2010 [64-bit]:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 2000
Paragon Software
Date Added:
May 17, 2010

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