Paragon HFS for Windows 7.5 (64-bit)

Get full read and write access to Mac OS X HFS+ partitions from Windows PCs



If you've ever had to share an external drive between Windows and Mac OS systems then you'll know it can be, well, something of a challenge. Macs only come with the ability to read Windows NTFS partitions, and PCs can't see a Mac's HFS+ partition at all, so you'll probably end up cobbling together a messy FAT32-based compromise as a file system that both computers can read.

But there is another way. Install Paragon HFS for Windows 7.5 and your PC will immediately gain the ability to both read and write Mac OS X partitions. The program comes in the form of a file system driver, so there's no extra interface to learn, no options to set. Just use the Windows Disk Management applet to mount an HFS+ partition (the Help file explains more if you need assistance) and you'll be able to see it in Explorer, drag and drop files there, or use the drive in applications, just like any other.

And the best part is that Paragon Software are giving away 50,000 HFS for Windows licences, for free. Just download the installation file, launch it, and click the "Get Free Serial" button. Enter your details and you'll be emailed your free product key and serial number within minutes.

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A simple way to give your PC full access to Mac OS X HFS+ partitions

Specification: Paragon HFS for Windows 7.5 (64-bit):

Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Full Commercial Application
Paragon Software
Date Added:
May 18, 2010

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