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OpenSaveFilesView 1.11

List recently opened or saved files on your PC



OpenSaveFilesView is a tiny portable tool which lists all the files you've recently opened or saved with the standard Windows Open/ Save dialogs.

This won't necessarily display everything you've accessed. If you double-click a JPG to view it, for instance, this won't appear on the list; it only records files opened via the regular Open dialog box. And if an application uses its own custom Open or Save dialogs then again those files might be missed.

OpenSaveFilesView could still catch enough to be useful, though, perhaps for reminding yourself of the name of that MP3 you were playing last week, or finding out what someone else might be doing on your PC.

The program is easy to use, too. Just launch it, and the following details are immediately listed in a table: Filename, Extension, Order (the order that the files were opened for every file extension), Open Time (available only for the last opened file of every file type), File Modified/Created Time, File Size, and File Attributes.

Clicking any of these column headers sorts the report into a more useful order. If you'd like to see which files have been saved recently, say, just click the "File Created Time" header.

As usual with NirSoft tools, right-clicking the table displays options to save all or selected items as a text/ HTML report for easy reference later.

Version 1.11 (full changelog):

- Added 'Open Selected File With' option.

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OpenSaveFilesView doesn't do anything particularly new, but it is an easy way to find out how a PC is being used, and its ability to run on Windows 2000 or later - without installation - means you can use it almost anywhere.

Specification: OpenSaveFilesView 1.11:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10,windows phone
Date Added:
July 24, 2016

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