O&O BlueCon 9 Admin Edition (64-bit)

Easily recover from just about any PC disaster with this powerful corporate-level system administrator's toolkit



O&O BlueCon 9 Admin Edition is a bootable suite of disaster recovery tools aimed squarely at corporate system administrators, where it can help to solve a lengthy list of major problems.

So there are programs to repair file system errors, for instance. To recover anything from a single lost file to an entire partition. To resolve problems with faulty drivers or services, which might be blocking the boot process.

You get user management tools, which can help if a user has forgotten their password, or maybe their entire user profile has been corrupted. If a faulty Windows update has damaged a PC, then BlueCon will usually be able to assist. And the SRP Manager can use Windows XP system restore points to wind back the system to a previous condition.

Of course every disaster recovery situation is different, and BlueCon recognises this by providing a host of accessories to help you manually address more complex problems. So you can investigate the stricken system's event logs, for instance, or edit its Registry. You're able to manually tweak the PC's service, driver and user account settings. A simple file manager makes it easy to locate files on the target PC's hard drive (and copy them elsewhere, if necessary). You can work at a command line; accessories like Notepad and a calculator aim to make your life easier; and there's even a bundled copy of Firefox, so you can research an issue online or perhaps download any additional files you might need.

And very conveniently, all this happens in a familiar, easy-to-use Windows PE-based interface. BlueCon creates this automatically during installation, burning the bootable recovery environment to a CD or USB flash drive, and then it's ready to be used wherever disaster strikes.

As we mentioned, BlueCon is targeted at system administrators, which is why the price is a decidedly corporate $1,090. That is a one-time payment, though - if the suite can get your systems working again more quickly then it won't take long to pay this back. But if it's just too much, then O&O do offer alternatives. Their EasyLicensing SMB scheme, for instance, means you can have BlueCon for a monthly subscription starting at $29.

Please note, that there is no direct download for BlueCom. Each download has to be requested. The download link here will point you to the registration page. Alternatively, just head over to the BlueCon page, complete the form and the company will be in touch.

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O&O BlueCon 9 Admin Edition is a very powerful disaster recovery toolkit, easy to set up and use, which will help you solve all the main PC problems (and plenty of the minor ones, too). It's not cheap, but if the suite can get business systems up and running more quickly then it'll pay for itself in very little time (and you can keep the initial costs down by buying the program on a subscription basis).

Specification: O&O BlueCon 9 Admin Edition (64-bit):

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows Server
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December 22, 2011

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