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iPhones and iPads are great note-taking tools, but to make the most of your notes, you need a decent notes app. The built into iOS is a littleon the basic side, and Notesy aims to bring something more fleshed out to owners of idevices. At heart, Notesy is a simple note-taking app, but it has a number of interesting features that mean it is well worth a second look.

Firstly, Notesy can be configured to automatically synchronize your notes with your Dropbox account. This happens automatically so there is a no need to remember to manually sync after you have created new ones. The app does not require and internet connection at all times, so it is possible to create notes offline and then synchronize them when you are next online.

The app can be used in conjunction with TextExpender so it is possible to create lengthy notes without the need for extensive typing. There is a choice of fonts for you to use and a nice touch sees that you are prompted to enter a file name when saving notes rather than having them automatically named as the first few words that have been typed.

Notesy can be used in a number of different ways, including as a shopping list or to do manager. If you opt to use it as some form of reminder tool, the option to add badge counts to the home screen icon will prove very handy. Dropbox support means that your notes can be made instantly available on a variety of platforms making this a great way to share information between devices.

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Notesy keeps things elegant and simple, resulting in a well thought out and well executed note taking app.

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David Findlay
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May 8, 2011

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