Maymeal TimeTask 2.30

Display alerts, play music, launch web pages and more with this one-stop timer tool



Maymeal TimeTask is a reminder tool with a lengthy list of actions, so when your defined time is reached it can display a pop-up alert, open a file or web page, run a program, play music, and lock/ log off/ restart or shut down your PC.

And, bizarrely, it's also a music manager (though not a very good one), which can organise your music into folders/ playlists and play them as you like.

If you're creating an alarm clock task, for instance, you might first import some music into its folders. After choosing the "Play Music" task you're then able to choose a Start and End time: 7:30am for Monday to Friday next week, say. Then you have to switch to the music function and choose the song you'd like to play. Configure a few final details - the duration of the "alarm", for instance - and you're ready to go.

The switching between windows is a little uncomfortable, and there are other interface issues elsewhere. Maymeal TimeTask somehow just isn't very intuitive or natural to use.

The program does work, though. It supports a lot of timer actions, and doesn't have any hassles from adware or anything else (the most you get is a "donation" link in a menu you may never look at). And so, if you need a configurable reminder tool, TimeTask might, just about, be good enough.

Version 2.30 brings:
•Add a "week" option for the "cycle of daily" task.
•Add backup and restore functions.

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Maymeal TimeTask is a versatile timer tool with a lot of actions, but spoiled a little by an awkward and unnatural interface

Specification: Maymeal TimeTask 2.30:

Windows XP,Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8
MayMeal Software
Date Added:
February 13, 2014

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