MagicPrefs 1.0

Extend and customise your Mac's Magic Mouse



The Magic Mouse provides a highly customisable way of interacting with your Mac, making it easy to perform common actions quickly and easily. MagicPrefs is a simple, free application that makes it possible to take the level of customisation even further.

MagicPrefs can be used to assign gestures such as pinching and swiping to events such as the launching of Expose or Spaces, or accessing options such as sending a tweet or accessing recent documents.

To ensure that gestures are not accidentally performed, touch sensitivity settings can be adjusted as required. You can also increase the speed of your mouse by adjusting tracking speed by up to 200%.

MagicPrefs can show a real-time display of how your fingers are touching the mouse, and uses a minimum of system resources when running. The Magic Mouse was already an impressive piece of hardware, but MagicPrefs makes it into something truly spectacular.

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MagicPrefs provides a level of personalisation that Magic Mouse owners will simply love

Specification: MagicPrefs 1.0:

Mac OS X
Vlad Alexa
Date Added:
December 14, 2010

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