iTrash 1.3.3

Remove unwanted files and applications from your Mac



When an application is deleted from your Mac, it is likely that not all of the associated files have been removed. This is something that iTrash can help with using a special algorithm to determine any files that are related to a program you are removing.

iTrash can be used in several ways. The first option is to drag an unwanted program to the iTrash icon and the rest of the hard work will be done for you. Alternatively, you can browse through a list of installed applications and choose which should be remove in this way.

As well as applications, iTrash can also be used to remove unwanted preference panes, and makes it possible to remove orphan files for which the associated application is no longer available.

The program can be used in advanced mode to help track down even more files that are associated with an application earmarked for removal. iTrash provides a great way to clean up your Mac and free up hard drive space.

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Cheap and effective, iTrash is a simple way to keep your hard drive free from clutter.

Specification: iTrash 1.3.3:

Mac OS X
Trial Software
Date Added:
August 15, 2010

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