Cinch 1.0.3

Emulate Window's AeroSnap in OS X



One of the most welcomed features of Windows 7 is AeroSnap which makes it possible to quickly arrange open windows by simply dragging them to one of the edges of your screen. Cinch is a simple little program which brings a similar idea to OS X.

There is little scope for customisation but Cinch quickly becomes second nature. Drag a window to the left hand side of the screen and it will be resized to fill half of the screen and positioned to the left - a similar thing happens when windows are dragged to the right.

Drag a window to the top of the screen and it will be maximised. All that is required to return a window to its original size and position is to drag it away from its docked location.

Although there is no support for multi-monitor setups, Cinch is the type of utility that adds a feature which many people should have been n integral part of the operating system from the offset. It’s a simple idea, but it is well implemented and very useful.

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Cinch is a cinch to use and makes it easy to work with open windows.

Specification: Cinch 1.0.3:

Mac OS X
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May 16, 2010

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