A Better Finder Rename 8.58

Rename large numbers of files in automated batches



There are a number of occasions when it may be necessary to rename a large number of files at once. Having copied a number of digital photos onto your computer, you may wish to rename them for the purposes of organisation, for example. Unless you are working with a very small number of files, manually typing out file name after file name is not only incredibly time consuming, but also introduces the risk of spelling mistakes.

A Better Finder Rename makes it simple to quickly rename even the largest collection of files. Files can be simply dragged onto the program window which can then be used to build up a sequential renaming profile.

Digital photographers can take advantage of Exif data which can be incorporated into file names while anyone working with MP3 or AAC music files can create file naming schemes based on id3 tags and other metadata. The components of a file name can be re-ordered, converted between cases and much more, all in a single automated operation.

If you find that you are renaming files in the same way time and time again, you can create droplet mini-applications to save your presets ready for use in the future. A Better Finder Rename is an essential tool for anyone who finds themselves renaming batches of files on a regular basis.

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A Better Finder Rename not only speeds up file renaming, but also ensures consistency when working with a large number of files.

Specification: A Better Finder Rename 8.58:

Mac OS X
Trial Software
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May 17, 2010

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