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Auslogics Benchtown is a simple and free benchmarking tool which enables you to quickly assess the performance of various components of your PC, then (optionally) share and discuss the results with others.

Launch the program, click "Rate Now" and the tests begin, with the program carrying out multiple benchmarks on your CPU, memory, hard drive and graphics card. These don't deliver quite the thoroughness of, say, SiSoft Sandra, but they're not too basic either, and overall should deliver reasonably accurate results quite quickly (the entire benchmark took around 5 minutes on our test PC).

Once the process is complete then you can share your score online by signing up at the new (it's free, although you do have to have to give them your name and email address). Do this and you'll immediately see where your PC ranks against the most recent results, and in theory can discuss any performance weak points in the forum. And Auslogics have also given the site a social networking element, to enhance its usefulness, with friends lists, photos, personal messages and more.

And if that's still not quite enough, then returning to the program itself, you could always use the System Information tab to discover a little more about your PC's hardware. This isn't hugely detailed, but does include information you might not easily find elsewhere, like CPU bus speed and cache sizes, motherboard model, BIOS date, video RAM, and memory type, manufacturer and part number.

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Auslogics Benchtown may not quite compete with the best of the PC benchmarking tools, but it's good enough for many purposes, and provides a quick and easy way to rate your computer's performance against others

Specification: Auslogics Benchtown

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Date Added:
December 31, 2011

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