Aqua Connect Terminal Server

Mac OS terminal server for PC



Avanquest Aqua Connect

System Requirements : Server: Mac OS X server that meets minimum system requirements (see for details), Minimum free disk space is 400MB, Servers with Intel Processors – minimum RAM per client session is 512 MB, Minimum free disk space is 400MB

Client: 128 MB RAM per session, Any RFB-compatible device, Any X11 compatible device may connect using the XDMCP protocol, A Mac OS X licence is required for each simultaneous client session
License type : Exclusive 60 day trial for 5 users
Version : 3.1
Size : 13.3 MB
Date Added : September 9, 2009
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Specification: Aqua Connect Terminal Server:

Mac OS X
Date Added:
January 1, 1970

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