AppChest 1.1

Store your software licenses in a secure, searchable vault



With so many applications now requiring unlocking through the use of a serial number, it can be difficult to keep track of all f your software licenses. Rather than writing your serial numbers down on a piece of paper that could be lost or in a text document, AppChest enables you to store this information in an encrypted database.

Drag a program icon onto the program and details such as the application name will be automatically filled in for you. If you have received a serial number in an email or other document, drag and drop this into AppChest and any useful information will be automatically extracted from it.

AppChest can also point you in the direction of new software. A list of application deals is displayed in the program and you can even build up a software wishlist so there's no danger of forgetting the name of an application you spotted.

AppChest benefits from its low price and ease of use. The safe, secure and searchable environment provided to house software licenses is a welcome utility, and the autofill feature save you from too much typing.

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Never lose license details again thanks to the simple storage offered by AppChest

Specification: AppChest 1.1:

Mac OS X
Trial Software
Tool Force Software
Date Added:
May 25, 2017

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