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Tweetbot - A Twitter Client with Personality 1.1

An advanced and highly customised Twitter client for iOS



There is not exactly a shortage of Twitter clients for iOS, but it can be difficult to find one that is really good. The official Twitter client fared well for some time, but started to fall out of favour with the introduction of the quickbar and various other niggles that irked users. Tweetbot is the long-awaited client from Tapbots that look set to define the standard to which other clients must live up to.

The app can be used to manage multiple timelines, so if you work with more than one Twitter account, this could be the client you have been looking for - this feature can also be used to break up a huge list of people you follow into more manageable chunks. A delightfully well deigned interface, complete with support for ultra-effficient gestures for easy navigation. Once issue that annoyed many users with the official Twitter iOS app was the length of time it took to access saved searches, and this has ben addressed in Tweetbot.

Rather than restricting you to a number of predefined navigation button, the interface can be customized so that two button perform the function of your choice. You can also change the action that is trigger by double or triple tapping on tweets to allow you to interact with Twitter in the way you find more effective.

As you would expect, there is support for a wide range of third party services such as URL shorteners, image and video hosting, offline reading and much more. As well as making many of the most common tasks on Twitter incredibly easy to access, Tweetbot is just a joy to use thanks to the well designed interface and nice touches such as well-chosen sound effects and gorgeous animations.

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Tweetbot raises the bar a long way - this is a great Twitter client regardless of whether you are a casual or fulltime user. More than worth the money.

Specification: Tweetbot - A Twitter Client with Personality 1.1:

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Tapbots LLC
Date Added:
May 20, 2011

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