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If you are a user of social networks and follow RSS feeds, you probably find that you are either visiting a large number of web sites throughout the day, or making use of a number of apps on your computer or iOS device. To help make things a little easier, Taptu enables you to use your iPhone or iPad to access all of this in one location.

The app can be used to keep up to date with your Twitter stream, Facebook timeline as well as news and blog posts via RSS feeds. The customisable interface can be used to browse through headlines and click through to read full stories; anything that grabs your attention can be easily shared by posting it to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or you can save it to read it later in Instapaper.

In addition to the sources you normally follow, you can also view a range of selected feeds from Taptu - such as sports and technology news. It is possible to mixed different streams together to create a unique blend of information from a variety of sources, and these streams can also be shared with others.

The Taptu app provides a much easier way to keep on top of your social networking and news reading needs without having to constantly switch between apps. The iPad version of the app is more enjoyable to use as the extra screen space that is available allows for a larger number of possible views to display as much information as possible.

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Taptu is a little slow at times, and the number of feeds that can be added is slightly limited, but it is a pleasure to use a highly customizable.

Specification: Taptu 1.6.1:

Taptu Limited
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October 14, 2011

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