Seesmic for iPhone 1.0

Access a number of social networks with a single iPhone app



If you are a member of several social networks, you will either have to spend your time visiting a number of web sites, or use a range of tools to keep up to date with the latest happenings. Seesmic for iPhone makes it possible to view and update multiple social networking accounts from a single app.

The app can be used to access Facebook, Twitter and (which can in turn be used to update a large number of social networks including MySpace, WordPress, Tumblr and Flickr). The accessible interface makes it easy to manage multiple Twitter accounts and you have the option of making use of trending topics and saved searges.

Seesmic for iPhone can be used to post updates to multiple social networks at the same time and each can be accessed via the app's customisable dashboard. Using a multi-network tool does mean having to compromise on some features, but all of the essentials are present.

Your updates can be stored in Evernote and you can choose a photo sharing service to host any images you upload. Even if you are only a member of two social networks, Seesmic makes it much easier to work with your accounts and helps to reduce icon clutter on your iPhone's home screen.

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A great unified interface that provides an effective alternative to working with multiple social networking clients.

Specification: Seesmic for iPhone 1.0:

Seesmic Inc
Date Added:
May 31, 2010

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