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Tracking down new and exciting iPhone apps can be difficult. Apple offers the App Store, but this can be arduous to navigate, and it is often hard to find something a little different. The Genius feature can be used to find suggestions for apps you might like based on what you have installed, but again the options are a little limited.

This is where Chomp can help. The app is an app review and download service that can be used to find the perfect apps. All users are invited to review the apps they have tried out - either by supplying a star rating or writing a few words - and this information can be used to suggest apps that you may be interested in. BY browsing through categories, or opting to looking through the free or paid-for sections, you can read through hundreds of app suggestions.

After reading the reviews or trying out the app you can apply your own rating or simply indicate whether you like a particular app or not. Based on your responses, Chomp can better learn the type of app you are interested in and make more suitable suggestions.

As you use the service, you may well get to know and trust certain reviewers and Chomp can be used like a social network to follow other users. You can also watch live app reviews as they are posted, and this is just one of the many ways that Chomp can point you in the direction of apps that are ideally suited to you, or that you may simply not have known about.

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Chomp provides a great way to delve into the world of iPhone app to find hidden treasures and is a wonderful alternative to the App Store.

Specification: Chomp for iPhone 1.0.3:

Date Added:
May 7, 2010

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