Trend Micro Maximum Security 2011

Protect your PC from malware, hackers, spam, data theft - and a whole lot more



Protect yourself, your children and your data online with this easy-to-use suite packed with security featured

There are a number of security programs available that can be used to protect your computer against online threats, but the vast majority of them concentrate on one aspect of security. Trend Micro Maimum Internet Security 2011 is a complete security suite that offers protection not only against viruses and malware, but also block spam, prevents identity theft and offers parental controls.

Malware protection is very much what you would expect, and real-time updates ensure that you are protected against all of the latest threats. The suite benefits from light use of system resources so you should find that there is not a negative impact on the performance of your computer.

Anyone with children will welcome the inclusion of parental controls. This aspect of the suite makes it possible to control and monitor your children's online activity without the need to watch over them. You have the option of blocking access to particular web sites, limiting how much time can be spent online and much more. There are a number of pre-configured settings available for different age groups, but these can be customised to your liking and different settings can be put in place for different users.

Identity theft is a serious problem for internet users, and Trend Micro Maximum Internet Security 2011 enables you to set up a list of information you would like to protect. Should a web site or program attempt to transmit any of this information over the internet, it will be automatically blocked for your protection.

With fast scanning, excellent overall performance and pleasingly simple configuration, Trend Micro Maximum Internet Security is a powerful security suite that represents excellent value for money.

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2011 also includes wifi protection to ensure that you don't connect to a rogue hot spot and secure data erasing to ensure that the files you delete cannot be recovered. Trend Micro Vault is a secure, password protected folder in which you can store your most sensitive files to prevent unwanted access, while smartphone protection enables you to protect your mobile against attack and allow for remote deletion of data.

The suite also features a system tuner to help boost the performance of your computer and a backup and restore feature complete with 10GB of online storage space to store your files. The purchase price includes licenses for up to three computers, making it the ideal way to protect all of the machines in your home.

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A complete security toolkit that has all of the essential bases covered, and more besides. Trend Maximum Security 2011 enables you to protect all of your computers for one great price.

Specification: Trend Micro Maximum Security 2011:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
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September 25, 2010

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