Trend Micro Heartbleed Detector 1.0

Check your Android device for Heartbleed vulnerabilities



Trend Micro Heartbleed Detector is an app which scans Android devices for possible exposure to the Heartbleed bug.

It checks whether your device or apps are directly affected by the bug, or whether any installed apps access a cloud service which is still vulnerable.

Launch Heartbleed Detector and it displays a basic summary of what it does. But if you know that already, you can just click "Scan Now" and wait as your device gets a security health check.

If there are any problems then you'll be informed. On one older test device we were told there was one app which "accessed affected cloud services": "The Weather Channel".

Clicking any affected app displays more details, including the name of the vulnerable server.

If you don't plan on using the app for a while then you can wait, and scan again later. But there's also an Uninstall button to remove it right away.

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A quick and easy way to audit your Android device for Heartbleed vulnerabilities

Specification: Trend Micro Heartbleed Detector 1.0:

Trend Micro
Date Added:
April 18, 2014

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